A Colorado Train Adventure

Husband unit has the best ideas for presents. This time around, he didn't make it a surprise, which gave me plenty of time to obsess about how we were going on a traaaaaaain. Really, the excitement was hard to contain, because I got to take a mini-vacation out to Glenwood Springs. On a train.
OK, that's not a passenger train, but you get my point. Trains are awesome.
California Zephyr was a great big thing of beauty. A bit aged by now, but nonetheless quite cozy, with a dining car and a lounge car, and the passenger cabins.
Observation area with lots of windows
and swivel chairs. That's where I spent
most of my time.


On the way there, we were riding in coach, and I spent very little time in my seat. Instead, I opted for hanging out in the lounge, the snack area, or the dining car. Everyone on the train was relaxed, so people were generally super friendly. This is encouraged by the staff, as they'll sit people at community tables for meals.

Oh, the sleeper cabin. You'd think it would be completely unnecessary for a 5 hour journey, but what a difference it made to be able to lie down and read (OK, nap) whenever I felt like it. It was also nice to be able to bug Oleg as much as I wanted without worrying that we'll die in a fiery car crash.

In case you're wondering, the book is "Outliers" by Gladwell.
Reason #1 to bug Oleg.
Reason #2 to bug Oleg.
Well, maybe the real reason #1 to bug Oleg was really the wildlife - there was quite a few elk around.

When we got off the train, the hotel was quite literally right next to the station. Living in the 'burbs, I've gotten so used to (read "annoyed at") driving, that it was quite the change to just *gasp* not need to do it.
On the left - the train we were just on. On the right - the hotel (you can see the red H)
Hotel Denver seemed to be the appropriate choice for the trip, with its history of being the stop for the rich train travelers. We're not as rich as the people who used to stop here for a night, but we could still appreciate the old-timey feel, with its real keys, uniquely set up rooms, and antiques everywhere. By the way, even though it didn't get placed in the hotel until 1970s, the piano is actually older than the hotel itself. It also can't be played (of course I checked!).

This mini-vacation is the most I've been relaxed in ages, probably most relaxed since the Mexico mini-vacation a couple years ago, when all we did was sleep and eat. Being stuck in one place, where I couldn't get caught up in the "Oh, the laundry needs to be put in! No wait, I need to go check the mail and then feed the bunnies and then and then and then..." - well, being stuck without too many options was refreshing. A nice vacation before our much more intense Thanksgiving road trip to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, which is creeping up way quickly.

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  1. I'm always up for any method of travel that lets me travel horizontally!!! :)