When Pigs Are Pretty?

It's a gigantic pig necklace with little piggies dangling off. Isn't it lovely?
There are a few things I've learned this time around in Hong Kong. First of all, there are more jewelry stores than Starbucks. These little stores were literally on every block downtown. Sometimes there were two per block.
Seriously! These are everywhere.
But what about the pig? Oh, I absolutely had to take a picture - the stand is not minitature, it is indeed a gigantic golden pig. You see, walking down Nathan Road in Hong Kong, I saw this necklace in a Chow Tai Fook store and was absolutely sure that it must be one of those designer things that there's only one of. But next block and next jewelry store, there was something similar. And in the next one. What the heck?

Turns out it's a traditional necklace for a Hong Kong bride to wear during her wedding. As you have probably guessed, it symbolizes fertility. And no, there is no one child rule in Hong Kong, even though it technically belongs to China now, so including that many piglets isn't just a mean way to taunt the poor bride. Just a little subtle hint from the future grandparents.

Little subtle hint about grandchildren. I wonder if anyone could possibly miss
it with the size of that thing.

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  1. This certainly sets a new standard for subtlety :)